Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy 2017-2020

Message from the Chair Administrator

The City of Greater Geelong is committed to achieving zero carbon emissions for council operations.

This will ensure our environment remains clean and is sustainable for future generations. The Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy will guide us in this endeavor.

This Strategy will also help us to reduce Council energy costs, increase investment in renewable energy and, in partnership with the Geelong community, achieve a reduction in the whole city’s greenhouse emissions.

As well as achieving One Planet Living certification and working towards zero carbon for our own operations, we look forward to continuing great partnerships with our community. We encourage others to join the City by adopting the principles for homes, business, organisations or community groups.

Executive summary

The City of Greater Geelong has demonstrated leadership in responding to climate change in the local government sector by implementing a two-fold approach to climate change. This has involved reducing greenhouse emissions and addressing climate risks.

The City of Greater Geelong was one of the first local governments in Australia to adopt a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and continues to implement best practice programs in this field.

The Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy builds on the climate change work completed by Council since the Greenhouse Response 2008-2011 and the Low Carbon Growth Plan 2011 (updated 2015). The establishment of new emissions reduction targets for Council will drive renewable energy and emissions reduction programs. The Strategy will also be a framework for zero emission programs and partnerships with the Geelong community.

The Strategy will be reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the region on a bi-annual basis as Council tracks towards the adopted emissions reduction target.


We will reduce Council’s emissions and support others to adopt and achieve a One Planet Living zero emissions goal.


  • Demonstrate leadership in reducing Council emissions

  • Prioritise actions that have a strong economic and emissions reduction benefit

  • Build on local and regional community emissions reduction partnerships to address business and residential sectors emissions

  • Support economic and jobs growth in the Greater Geelong region


  • To reduce Council’s corporate emissions

  • Support community sector greenhouse emissions reductions

A target provides a goal for Council and a means of tracking the success of the Strategy during its implementation. The Strategy provides the following target for council:


Achieve the following emissions reduction from Council’s buildings and vehicle fleet from 2014-15 levels:

Short term: Long term:
50 percent by 2020 75 percent by 2035*
  100 percent by 2050*
The City of Greater Geelong will be a Zero Carbon Council.

* subject to review in 2020


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