The Geelong Youth Awards aim to recognise and celebrate young people who have made and/or are currently making significant contributions in the areas of leadership, equality, inclusion, diversity, education and the arts.

Winners Announced

The City congratulates and celebrates alongside the following category winners:

  • Young Educator Award – Courtney Hart, 22
  • Equality Award – Eden Meddick, 23
  • Leadership Award - Anis Gul Mohammad Ali, 24
  • Disability Inclusion Award - Chole Hayden, 23
  • Diverse Cultural Contribution Award - Bri Apma Hayes, 17
  • Arts & Music Award - Trinity Hunt, 17

We would also like to acknowledge all the young people who were nominated, who are outstanding in their own right:

Molly Carter
Matilda Hassall
Ane Smith
Fakiha Mazumber
Neo Williams
Stephanie Sanzaro
Jaeger Fawcett
Louie Hehir
Max Whyte
Ethan Coleman
Madeline (Maddy) Drummond
Ethan Coleman
Nazdana Husseini
Bailey James
Koko Boyd
Marila Kozdra
Alex Marshall
Mackenzie Sinclair
Charlie Lazzaro
Makaira Le
Saipraneeth Reddy
Kyle Jdali
Trent Inturrisi

To re-watch the live stream announcement head to our youtube channel. 


Prizes / recognition

  • Award winners will receive a personal trophy and a $1000 contribution to support their ongoing interests and education.