2020 Geelong Youth Awards nomination categories

The Geelong Youth Awards are celebrated annually.


All Awards are open to young people aged between 12 and 25 years who live, work, learn or play in the City of Greater Geelong. 

Young Educator Award

This category recognises a young person’s contribution and achievement in all forms of education and community development.

Nominee has achieved outcomes in:

  • Inspiring others in the community to achieve their goals and succeed in education through tutoring or mentoring.
  • Clever and Creative action that benefits our community by awareness raising of local issues or causes.
  • Forward thinking attitudes by resourcing technology for education and upskilling of young people (app or software development).
  • Raising awareness about the importance of positive youth mental health.

Equality Award

This category recognises the effort of a young person who strives to make change and promote equality for young people in the of the following areas.

Nominee has achieved outcomes in:

  • Advocating for creating a fair and just community where all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people have equal and equitable opportunities and choices as other young people;
  • Influencing and motivating organisations such as schools, workplaces and service providers to develop and implement practices that promote gender equality and eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls;
  • Advocating for creating inclusive practices for young people from the LGBTIQA+ community
    Organising local activities, events, programs and initiatives to promote racial and religious tolerance;

Leadership/ Positive Role Model Award

This category recognises a young person who has demonstrated leadership within their community through school, work or other pursuits/contributions and is regarded by others as a good example to follow.

Nominee has achieved outcomes in:

  • Mobilising and leading groups of people to advocate for better health outcomes.
  • Advocating for peace and harmony in the community.
  • Promoting respectful and positive behaviour/attitudes towards women and girls.
  • Volunteering or getting involved in various activities with a focus on community participation and social connectedness

Disability Inclusion Award

This category recognises a young person who has worked towards making the Geelong community more accessible and inclusive for people with a lived experience of disability.

Nominee has achieved outcomes in:

  • Advocating for people with a lived experience of disability
  • Raising awareness about the human rights of people with a disability
  • Advocating for change to eliminate violence against women with a disability
  • Organising events that are accessible and inclusive to all

Diverse Cultural Contribution Award

This category recognises a young person who has contributed creating a vibrant and diverse cultural community.

 Nominee has achieved outcomes in:

  • Promoting the inclusion and participation of young people from Culturally Diverse background in community life
  • Building the capacity of young people from Culturally Diverse communities to advocate for change
  • implementation of a project or program designed to resolve, or aim to resolve an issue affecting culturally diverse young people in the community
  • Encouraging and promoting intercultural initiatives that enhance community cohesion and understanding of other cultural practices

Arts & Music Award

This category recognises a young person who has demonstrated hard work, creativity and passion in their art and engaged the community through various mediums including visual arts, music, writing, sculpture, play or film.

Nominees may have demonstrated:

  • The ability to inspire others in a positive way through their art or music.
  • Provided a contribution to the community through their art.
  • Recognise achievement in the creation, composition, performance, education and presentation of music or arts.
  • Contribution to creating a vibrant and creative art or music community, this may include the organisation of music or art events or collectives.

Page last updated: Monday, 3 August 2020