Inclusive Practice Training

A part of our Youth Health and Wellbeing - School and Community Programs, this training empowers schools, community groups and organisations to foster inclusivity and understanding.

Our program goes beyond awareness by providing practical skills to create safe spaces for young people within the LGBTIQA+ community.


Inclusive Practice Training provides participants with the necessary skills to understand barriers experienced by the LGBTIQA+ community, while working to create safe and inclusive environments for all.

The training upskills participants with the key knowledge to be able to provide a safe and inclusive spaces for young people from the LGBTIQA+ community.

Target Group

This training is suitable for a variety of settings, including but not limited to school staff, youth sector professionals, community groups, community services, and organisations working with young people and people working/volunteering with young people in a range of settings. Please contact us if you are unsure of the suitability of this training for your organisation.

School staff involved in Stand Out groups will also receive access to the Stand Out Community of Practise for further PD and support.

Rainbow Workplace Accreditation

Our Inclusive Practice Training provides workforce development on LGBTIQA+ inclusion and may meet the needs for your organisation when undertaking accreditation like Rainbow Ready or Rainbow Tick.

Training Outline

  • Heteronormativity and its impact: Understand the impact of heteronormativity on LGBTIQA+ individuals, fostering empathy and awareness.
  • LGBTIQA+ Identities: Explore the diverse LGBTIQA+ identities, sexualities, and gender diversity.
  • Mental Health Awareness: Understand mental health issues faced by rainbow young people, providing essential knowledge for supportive environments.
  • Inclusive Language: Understand the importance of pronouns and gender-neutral language, cultivating inclusive communication practices.
  • Creating Inclusive Environments: Learn how to develop inclusive spaces and implement best practices when interacting with the Rainbow Community.


  • Understand Barriers: Understand the challenges faced by LGBTIQA+ young people, fostering an understanding and informed approach.
  • Diversity Awareness: Gain awareness of the diversity within the LGBTIQA+ community, promoting a nuanced understanding of sexualities and identities.
  • Safe Environments: Skills to create safe and inclusive environments for LGBTIQA+ young people within your school or organisation.
  • Social Inclusion Best Practices: Implement best practices for LGBTIQA+ social inclusion, ensuring a welcoming and supportive workplace culture.

Delivery Requirements:

  • Session Format: One 2.5-hour in-person session (digital training currently in development).
  • Participants: Minimum 10 and maximum 24 participants for an interactive and engaging experience.
  • Seating Arrangements: Café-style seating facing the screen for a collaborative learning environment.
  • Equipment: Data projector/TV screen and sound/audio equipment.


Survey on completion of training.

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Page last updated: Monday, 5 February 2024