Love Bites

Love Bites is respectful relationships training that provides young people a safe environment to examine, discuss and explore healthy relationships.


Love Bites Senior (Years 10-12)

A full day program that consists of two interactive workshops:

  1. Relationship Violence
  2. Sex and Relationships

Followed by a creative workshop to end the day. Love Bites programming takes a strength-based approach and views young people as active participants who are able to make choices for themselves and their relationships when supported with information and opportunity for skill development.

Love Bites Junior (Years 8 and 9)

A full day program focusing on gender expectations, consent and respectful relationships, followed by a creative workshop at a developmentally appropriate level, providing the building blocks to the Love Bites Senior program.


To provide young people with a safe environment to examine, discuss and explore healthy relationships.

The Love Bites program aims to equip young people with the knowledge needed to have respectful relationships, encourage and develop their skills in critical thinking and assist them in being able to problem solve and communicate effectively.


  • Recognise early warning signs of unhealthy relationships.
  • Understand factors that enable gender-based violence.
  • Develop skills to take bystander action to prevent or intercede in situations of unhealthy relationships and gender-based violence.
  • For students to recognise and challenge, by words or actions, situations reinforcing gender stereotypes.
  • Encourage students to seek trusted adults within their homes, schools and communities that can support them and others in resolving issues of gender inequity and gender-based violence.
  • Give students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to implement and promote bystander actions and positive actions promoting healthy gender-based relationships.
  • For students to leave feeling confident about how they can make a difference in contributing to a safer school and wider communities.

Target group

Students in years:

  • 7 to 9 (juniors)
  • 10 to 12 (seniors).

Session details

One full day.

Delivery requirements

  • Program to be delivered to regular class sizes (28 students max.)
  • All classes in a year level required to be booked in for the program.
  • Data projector/TV screen and sound/audio equipment.
  • Teaching/support staff present for all sessions.
  • School wellbeing staff briefed on Love Bites program and aware of when program will be delivered


Facilitated by our Youth staff at conclusion of session, via paper based questionnaire.


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