Stand Out (LGBTIQA+)

Stand Out groups, a part of our Youth Health and Wellbeing - School and Community based Programs, are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for the school’s rainbow community.


Stand Out groups are facilitated by schools to support students who are LGBTIQA+, allies and/or questioning their sexuality or gender identity. The aim of the groups is to be safe, inclusive, fun environment where students can meet, share experiences and advocate for the rainbow community.

LGBTIQA+ students can have a rough time at school, and students from schools with Stand Out groups told us they feel safer, they made friends, they heard less homophobic or transphobic language and students were more confident to challenge it when they did hear it. Through collaboration, we work towards raising awareness of LGBTIQA+ issues and fostering a culture of respect and celebration.

The Youth Development Unit ensures that schools can establish and sustain Stand Out groups effectively, facilitated through our Stand Out Community of Practice for teachers and school staff.


  • To create a safe environment that is free from bullying and abuse for LGBTIQA+ students to meet, share experiences and have fun.
  • To advocate for the rainbow community within the school, promote and celebrate days of significance, and raise awareness.
  • To increase teacher and school staff capacity to support LGBTIQA+ students in all aspects of the school environment.


  • Promotion of a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTIQA+ students at school.
  • Celebration of rainbow community days of significance to the broader school community (IDAHOBIT, Wear It Purple, Pride Month, etc).
  • Increased visibility and safety for LGBTIQA+ students and school community.
  • Structured leadership team to support Stand Out groups and embed the program within your school’s culture.
  • Empowerment of students to take on leadership roles, advocate for their peers, and raise awareness of LGBTIQA+ issues within the school environment.

Target group

LGBTIQA+ students and their allies, facilitated by teachers and school staff committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive school environment.

Session details

Weekly lunchtime sessions

Delivery requirements

  • Delivered during school lunch breaks.
  • Access to a suitable space such as a classroom, meeting room, or designated wellbeing area.
  • Allocation of teaching/support staff to facilitate and support the group.
  • Engagement of teaching/support staff in our Stand Out Community of Practice for ongoing learning and support.
  • Resources for fun and engaging activities.


Evaluation conducted twice a year through focus groups or surveys to ensure the program's effectiveness and relevance.

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If you are a teacher, wellbeing officer or school and would like to organise a Stand Out group at your school please contact [email protected]

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Page last updated: Thursday, 8 February 2024