The CelebrateYOU Project

The CelebrateYOU Project is part of our Youth Health and Wellbeing - School Based Programs and aims to promote body confidence and increase self-esteem in young people.

The CelebrateYOU Project is an evidence-informed body confidence and self-esteem program designed for young people aged 12-18. 

The program has been created by The City of Greater Geelong’s Youth Community Development team, utilising resources and materials from The Butterfly Foundation, Reach Out and the Dove Self-Esteem Project.

The CelebrateYOU Project has been designed in response to the significant increase in body image related concerns amongst young people in Australia.

The purpose of The CelebrateYOU Project is to address this need on a local level, and provide young people within the Greater Geelong region with up-to-date information and resources regarding body image related issues in a safe and supportive environment.

In doing so it hopes to break down many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding body image, highlighting that everybody, regardless of their age, background and gender identity, can struggle with such issues.


The primary aims of The CelebrateYOU Project are to:

  • Promote body confidence and increase self-esteem in young people.
  • Equip young people with strategies to build positive body image.
  • Encourage media literacy surrounding professional and personal media platforms.
  • Encourage help seeking if/when needed and provide information on local and national services that they can access.


  • Increase awareness of appearance ideals and how pressures surrounding body image are manufactured and perpetuated throughout society.
  • Develop self and body confidence that celebrates diversity and uniqueness.
  • Reduce stigma surrounding body and appearance insecurities and debunk myths surrounding eating disorders.
  • Build media literacy and promote resilience to assist young people in rejecting professional and social media images and messages that promote unhealthy appearance ideals.
  • Encourage help seeking and support for self and others.

Target group

Students in years:

  • 7 to 8 (juniors)
  • 9 to 12 (seniors)

Session details

Flexible delivery options from 90 minute to 3 hour sessions.

Delivery requirements

  • Group sizes between 12-50 students
  • All classes in a year level required to compete program over the duration of the year.
  • Data projector/TV screen and sound/audio equipment (onsite delivery).
  • Teaching/support staff present for all sessions.


Facilitated by the City's Youth staff at conclusion of workshop, via questionnaire.


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Page last updated: Tuesday, 20 February 2024