Youth to co-design Central Geelong Youth Hub

Tuesday, 19 December 2023

The City of Greater Geelong will open a Geelong Youth Hub within the Busport building in central Geelong as part of a two-year pilot starting in January 2025 running until December 2026.

A community engagement for the dedicated youth space will run from 5 January to mid-March, 2024. Young people across the Geelong region will be asked to help design the new space.  

Council has received $400,000 under the Victorian Government’s Youth Hubs grant program 2022-2023 to support the establishment of the first youth hub in central Geelong.

Feedback from young people provided via a Have Your Say website page and co-design workshops will be used to inform the design of the hub, as well as the services and activities it offers. This process will also directly involve youth service providers.

The groundwork for this initiative was laid through collaboration with the Youth Council during the development of the Geelong Youth Hub Feasibility Study in 2022.

Learn how to get involved from 5 January 2024. There is also a chance to go in the draw to win a gift voucher.

This groundbreaking project is a testament to the commitment of the City of Greater Geelong to fostering a Healthy, Caring, and Inclusive community, in alignment with the Our Community Plan 2021-2025 Strategic Direction.

Council resolved to sell the Busport building in 2022, and this resolution remains in place. However, the sale of the property has been paused while the Council considers its approach to asset sales in general.

In light of the pause, TheOutpost not-for-profit group has been notified that it can continue to use the building for its services while it searches for a new location. The Victorian Government has committed $50,000 to assist The Outpost to find a new home.

Christine Couzens - Member for Geelong

At the youth forums I held in 2020, a youth hub was something almost all young people identified as needed in the central Geelong area. I am pleased that this is moving closer to a reality.

Having young people included in the design of the space, and what services the youth hub should provide, is critical to the future success of the hub.

Mayor Trent Sullivan

Establishing the Geelong Youth Hub is not just about having physical space. This important project is a testament to Geelong's commitment to nurturing its young population and providing a platform for their growth, development, and expression.

The City of Greater Geelong invites all stakeholders, service providers, and young people to actively participate in the co-creation of this landmark initiative.

Councillor Sarah Hathway - Inclusion and Care portfolio chair

I am pleased to know that young people will be directly involved in co-designing the Geelong Youth Hub.

Engaging young people in the co-design of the Geelong Youth Hub is not just about creating a space for them; it's about empowering them to shape their own futures and be active participants in building a community that reflects their aspirations.

The fact that our Youth Council have advocated for this and will be involved in the co-design of the Geelong Youth Hub right from the start of the project, is fantastic!

Page last updated: Wednesday, 20 December 2023