Youth Council Advisory Committee delivers final report to Council

Wednesday, 13 December 2023

The City of Greater Geelong Youth Council Advisory Committee (Youth Council) has presented its final report to the Council for the year 2023, summarising a year of activities, accomplishments, and insightful discussions aimed at representing the voices and needs of local young people.

Throughout the year, Youth Council members engaged in monthly meetings at City Hall, collaborated with Councillors through the Councillor Connect Mentoring Program, and conducted community engagement activities to gather input from their peers. The final report provided a comprehensive overview of the Youth Council's meetings, activities, and discussions since the Third Report delivered on October 23, 2023.

Summary of activities

  • 2024-2028 Access and Inclusion Plan: The Youth Council provided feedback on making the community more accessible and inclusive for people living with disabilities and their carers.
  • Ali Wastie, City of Greater Geelong’s CEO: New in her role as CEO, Ali attended the October meeting and shared her vision for the city, emphasising the importance of community engagement.
  • Youth Advisory Board Program: The Youth Advisory Board program added value by allowing Youth Council participants to test proposed advice with young people across Geelong. In October, discussions on the central youth hub project provided insights into the requirements and location of a potential hub.
  • Youth Council Recommendations for Central Youth Hub: The 2023 Youth Council members recommendations included widespread and place-based consultation with young people, establishment of a youth committee through an EOI process and ongoing opportunities for all young people to participate in consultations.

In the final Youth Council report, 2023 Junior Mayor, Irene Mulilo shared her experience of gaining confidence to speak on issues that are important to young people:

A couple of the highlights for the year for me were interviewing Ali Watson from Code Like a Girl at the City's International Women's Day event and participating in the Growing Up in Cities Deakin Project, in which I assisted in envisioning a more youth-enabling Geelong.

Being Junior Mayor in 2023 provided me with a platform where I could speak out and be heard. My position on Youth Council has helped me rediscover my voice.

Also, in the report Junior Deputy Mayor Aleena Eftikhari reflected on her significant takeaway from the Youth Council – confidence:

Youth Council has been a unique experience to say the least. Accepting my role as a Youth Council member and furthermore as the Deputy Junior Mayor was nerve wrecking.

But as I come to the end of my term on Youth Council, I can proudly say I do not regret my choices.

I chaired meetings, delivered the Youth Council Report speech at a council, and found the various leadership opportunities instrumental in cultivating my confidence.

In the final report for 2023, the Youth Council extended its gratitude to Mayor Sullivan, Deputy Mayor Aitken, and Councillor Harwood for promoting the program in schools, resulting in over 100 nominations for the 2024 program.

Mayor Trent Sullivan

I know it takes a lot of courage to run for Youth Council.

It’s been amazing to see the Youth Council members develop their skills through workshops, training and mentoring. They have gained confidence in so many areas.

Most importantly they have learnt to advocate on issues that are important to their peers. They understand the daily struggles and pressures young people in our society face and they’ve used their voices to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved now and in the future for youth in our region.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 13 December 2023