Switch Magazine

Switch is a magazine, written by young people for young people. 

Switch is put together by a team of young people aged 12-25 years old, and is available at cafes, schools and libraries.

The Switch is managed by an editorial team of young people, who decide content, layout, themes and occasionally write articles. Each issue conveys a positive view of young people on a range of topics and issues as young residents of Geelong.  Articles are obtained in various ways including projects, school programs and through public workshops, these vary with each issue.

The Switch releases issues sporadically. Copies are distributed free at all local secondary schools, libraries and youth venues. Issues often receive a launch event, which is also managed and designed by the editorial committee of young people.

Switch, up until 2011, was called 'The Piercing truth'. Electronic versions of Switch and The Piercing Truth are available free to download below as they appear printed, and also as accessible all abilities word documents for screen readers : 

  • Piercing Truth Issue 1
    Includes articles on discrimination of street kids, being yourself and depression.

  • Piercing Truth Issue 2 
    Includes articles on binge drinking, exam pressure and the International Year of the Potato.

  • Piercing Truth Issue 3 
    Includes articles on healthy friendships, getting your licence, National Youth Week and celebrating summer.

  • Piercing Truth Issue 4 
    Includes articles on sexting, money saving tips and cyber bullying. Issue hosted by Lara Secondary College.

  • Piercing Truth Issue 5 
    Includes articles on gay, lesbian, bi and trans gender issues relating to young people. Issue hosted by G.A.S.P. (Geelong Adolescent Sexuality Project).

  • Switch Issue 1
    Covering everything from the perils of Facebook to natural disasters, and even some really neat creative writing pieces.

  • Switch Issue 2 
    Everything from a crazed rant about public transport, to an article highlighting the joys of horse riding and even a recipe for some seriously yummy yoyo biscuits!

  • Switch Issue 3
    Includes articles on local young musicians Izzy Losi and The Shaghi Times as well career profiles on Fashion Designers and a great article about protecting yourself against skin cancer in the sun.

  • Switch Issue 4
    Includes articles on great local acts like Olly Friend, Caitlyn MacDonald and Bound by Hound as well as stories and profiles on Geelongs latest cool shops.

  • Switch Issue 5
    Includes articles on local musician Tex Miller, Murdena, plus articles on the Olympics, inspiring young person Hannah Teesdale, and reviews on the Pickers Union and Armageddon Cakes.

  • Switch Issue 6
    Includes articles by Alexandra Marshall, Bridget McGovern and Adrian Aloi as well as 'getting to know' local Ainsley Mason, a fantastic photo spread by Joshua Maxwell de Hoog and our new feature "My first experience with..." 

  • Switch Issue 7
    Includes articles on sexting, the Smith Street Band, café reviews on Freckle Duck, Kilgour St Café and a photo essay on street art around Geelong laneways.

  • Switch Issue 8
    Includes articles on a wide range of subjects.

  • Switch Issue 9
    More articles on subjects including: unnatural hair colour; AFL Women's League; polluting our seas; and more.

Articles featured in the Switch are chosen by the editorial team of young people, who look to their peers to make sure the magazine reflects issues important or of interest to young people at the time of publication.

You can submit an article for consideration at anytime by contacting us through messaging our Facebook page.

Please note: Not all articles submitted will be published.

Join the Switch's Editorial Team

Switch is run by an editorial team of young people 12-25 years old. This group meet throughout each issue, source articles, look at content, proof read, design, photograph, promote, run workshops and assist in distributing the Switch to other young people around Geelong.

If you are looking for a career in magazines or journalism this voluntary committee could be a great start for you. Membership to the committee is limited, and comes up occasionally through the year.

Young people interested in the Switch can contact the Switch Project Worker.

Page last updated: Thursday, 6 July 2017