Girls Go Extreme (GGX)

Girls Go Extreme provides a broad range of activity based, personal development programs for young women that offer unique self-growth opportunities and education.

Girls Go Extreme is usually delivered in a school setting, but also may include activities and opportunities outside of school.

Access to the program is limited and is usually via referral through schools and welfare education-based services.

Girls Go Extreme includes:

School programs

This 8-week program offers personal development sessions in schools.

These programs address life issues including body image, relationships and safe partying, with alternate weeks of high challenge activities such as surfing, rock climbing and high ropes.

At the end of the program girls and their families may be offered ongoing support or linked into other services around Geelong.

High challenge holiday programs

Girls Go Extreme provides the opportunity for young women, to set themselves challenges and reach goals through holiday activities.

These include horse-riding, heights challenges, rock climbing, skating, Laser Strike team building, Luna park and surfing. 

Need to know more...

Girls Go Extreme is a City of Greater Geelong Council funded program.

If you are interested in the Girls Go Extreme please call the Project Worker on 03 5272 5272.

Page last updated: Thursday, 13 August 2020