The GASP project

The GASP project works to ensure that the strength and diversity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, gender diverse and questioning young people (LGBTIQA+) are valued, celebrated and affirmed.

The GASP project offers a range of services for young people, education providers, relevant organisations, and the wider community, including:

  • Training for staff on the health and well being of LGBTIQA+ young people

  • Training for service providers to help build capacity and develop strategies for LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice

  • Social and support groups and activities for LGBTIQA+ young people (aged 12-25) - View GASP events

  • Support for schools in creating safe and inclusive learning environments

  • Individual support and counselling for young people aged 12-25

  • Secondary Consultation

  • A social and support group for parents and friends of LGBTIQA+ people (PFLAG)

The GASP project has been operating within the Youth Development Unit at The City of Greater Geelong since 1996.

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