L2P Mentor Program

L2P is a community based volunteer program designed to provide young learner drivers with equal access to driving experience and instruction to help them obtain their Probationary Licence.

In line with the latest advice from Government health authorities regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), this program has been temporarily suspended.

L2P is a TAC funded, and VicRoads managed program which aims to provide access to driving practice for those learner drivers who may have considerable difficulty in gaining on the road experience unless a community based program is available.

Utilising a sponsored vehicle and volunteers, the learners have the opportunity to undertake supervised driving sessions, which may not otherwise have been possible given their family and financial circumstances.

Eligible participants

This program is for young people aged 16-21 years, who have their learner's permit but are facing genuine barriers in getting their licence. Young people being referred to L2P will either have no access to a car, no one access to a supervising driver, or both.

The need for L2P

L2P is needed because a key element of the new Graduated Licensing System requires that all learner drivers aged under 21 years achieve a minimum of 120 hours supervised driving experience, which is certified and recorded by both the learner and the supervising driver(s).

For most young learner drivers the opportunity to achieve 120 hours of supervised driving practice will be generated through professional driving instructor lessons and additional driving practice being provided by parents. In others, extended family or close friends will be available.

However, there are a number of young people who will have considerable difficulty in gaining access to this experience, due to non-availability of a vehicle or a supervising driver (or both) on an on-going basis and it is this group that are being targeted through the L2P program.

Access to the program is via referral. Referrals can come from organisations and agencies such as:

  • Youth Welfare
  • Youth Accommodation
  • Youth Justice
  • Neighbourhood houses
  • Education and employment services and schools

L2P - Mentor role 

Mentors are required to:

  • act in the role of a supervising driver and help the young person build up 120 hours of driving experience prior to going for the Probationary License
  • develop and maintain a purposeful, empowering, supportive and ongoing relationship with a young person
  • provide friendship and non judgmental support to the young person
  • provide the time to listen to and support the learner driver without telling them what to do but rather supporting them to find their own answers
  • have fun with the learner driver! 
  • meet with the learner driver for at least one hour a week.

L2P - Mentor eligibility

The L2P mentor role is open to anyone in the community who is over the age of 21, has their full license and complies with all of the requirements that make up the selection process as outlined in detail below. 

Potential mentors are required to undergo a Police Check, Working with Children Check and a VicRoads Driver History Report. We cover any costs associated with these checks.

Mentors are also required to attend a one hour interview and L2P mentor training. The training includes an online component and one full day in person. Mentors will also participate in Child Safety Standards training.

L2P - Mentor training and assistance

VicRoads has developed a comprehensive training program for volunteer drivers. All volunteers will be required to undergo the training program which will be provided by VicRoads. The training program was developed for the volunteers to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to provide supervised driving practice to a young person. The training will cover the following topics:

  • novice driver crashes and safety
  • factors contributing to crashes
  • the role of practice in skill acquisition and safer driving
  • the importance of a graded or staged approach to the learner period
  • the graded approach to the learner period recommended by VicRoads
  • working with young people
  • issues concerning disadvantaged young people
  • the coaching role
  • providing feedback as a supervising driver
  • the program content, processes, and rules.

L2P - Time commitment

Mentors are expected to meet with their learner driver for a minimum of one hour per week over a 12 month period. Mentors are also required to attend training at the beginning of the program to help best prepare them for their role.

L2P - Mentor support

The L2P Project Officer makes thorough assessments of possible matches to ensure we create relationships which are safe, supportive and suit the need of the mentor and learner driver.

We provide free training courses for volunteer mentors to learn the skills which will be essential in their supportive roles with the learner driver. The L2P Project Officer keeps in regular contact with the mentors and learner drivers to support them in their relationship. 

Need to know more...

If you are interested in being a mentor please call the L2P Project Officer at the City of Greater Geelong on 03 5272 5272.

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Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020