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Draft 1% AEP Flood Extent - Central Lara
Draft 1% AEP Flood Extent - Central Lara

Lara Flood Study Community Consultation Sessions

This engagement is complete

Date: Saturday, 12 October 2019 to Thursday, 31 October 2019


The Hovells Creek and Avalon Catchment Flood Study is nearing completion with draft results now available.

Community consultation sessions were held in September 2018 and March 2019, the community contributed valuable information which helped support the study teams understanding of the local flooding conditions. New updated flood mapping is now available. This mapping will be relied upon for emergency management response, and will be used to inform future amendments to the planning scheme and local development controls. 

The study results help build on our understanding of flooding behaviour in the Hovells Creek and Avalon catchments, informing how far and how deep flood waters are likely to extend during extreme weather events. Continuously updating flood modelling and the City’s management plan is essential to ensure the safety and resilience of the Lara community.

The study team would like to invite community members to view and discuss the study findings and flood maps at community consultation drop in sessions on Tuesday 22 October.

The draft mapping results can be viewed from this link and project update is attached below for your information.

Community Consultation Sessions
Tuesday, 22 October 2019
Lara RSL, McClelland Avenue, Lara
10am – 1pm
4pm – 7pm
Drop in at any time during these sessions.

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Key findings

These consultation sessions has provided opportunities for the community members to understand the project findings by viewing preliminary flood maps of design rainfall events.

During the sessions, discussions on locations with identified flood risks and mitigation options betweenthe project steering committee and community have assisted the City and study consultant to finalise mitigation options to be assessed:

1. St Laurence Park a current aged-cared residential area for vulnerable community - a levee break flood model scenario will be carried out to assess the potential damages as a result of levee failure. This information will be useful for flood emergency response planning.

2. Rennie Street Hovells Creek crossing - Frequently flooded road with current road level below 20% AEP flood level: Upgrade of Rennie Street ford crossing will be assessed. The culverts and cost required to upgrade the crossing to a 10% AEP level of protection will be investigated.

3. Kyema Drive frequent flood occurrence – five mitigation options will be assessed including three options with full cost-benefit assessment.