Lara Traffic Study Action Plan 2019 - 2029

This engagement is complete

Date: Monday, 19 August 2019 to Monday, 30 September 2019


The City has released its draft Lara Traffic Study Action Plan 2019-2029 for community comment.

The draft plan details our priorities and timeframes for addressing traffic and safety concerns in relation to congestion, speed, heavy vehicles, lighting, pedestrians, public transport and road maintenance in and around Lara.

The 10-year action plan has been developed with community consultation with 164 individual matters relating to traffic, safety and access in and around the town being identified. The 164 matters have been marked as short, medium or long term, and include an indication to responsible authority (Council, Regional Roads Victoria or Department of Transport).

A copy of the draft plan is attached, or can be viewed at the Lara Library, or at our customer service centre in Brougham Street, Geelong or Corio Shopping Centre.

Residents can provide comments below or attend any of the drop-in sessions to be held at Lara Hall, 1B Flinders Avenue Lara on: - 

  • Wednesday 28 August,2019         
    2.30pm - 6.30pm (Lara Hall - Main hall)
  • Wednesday 18 September,2019     
    5.00pm -8.30pm (Lara Hall - Seniors Room)

The consultation is open until Monday 30 September 2019.

Key findings


In regards to Lara traffic concerns, the City conducted thirteen (13) community engagement sessions during the last two years and it was attended by 281 residents. The last ‘Have Your Say’ on the ‘draft Lara Traffic Study Action Plan’ report, closed on the 30th of September 2019 and 1607 people viewed this report and the City received 29 new responses, totalling up to 179 items or concerns. The purpose of the ‘Draft Lara Transport Study Action Plan’ is to provide responses to all 179 items.

During these community sessions, Lara residents shared a number of concerns relating to:
Truck movements through, within and around Lara township
Amenity & Safety
Trucks travelling along local roads
High speed of heavy vehicles
Six ways intersection safety concerns
Safety to pedestrians
Safety to cyclists
Grade separation of the Geelong rail line and McClelland Avenue
To reduce the congestion on surrounding roads during peak times
Emergency vehicle access difficulties
Review of speed limits on local roads
To improve safety on local roads
Lara Station car parking shortfall
To solve on-going parking shortfall
To reduce commuter parking in local roads
Safe cycling
To have safe cycle lanes
To have continuation of bicycle lanes to key activity centres
Traffic congestion
6 Way & rail crossing at McClelland Avenue were identified as the two main areas to consider
Pedestrian safety and mobility
To have footpath connecting key activity centres
To consider missing footpath links
Traffic management
To have traffic calming infrastructure to provide safety
Street Lighting improvements
To provide safety
Drainage upgrades
To solve on-going flooding issues
Bridge condition improvements
To identify any damages due to heavy vehicles
Road intersection upgrades
To provide safe crossing infrastructure to pedestrians, cyclists and motorist
Public transport service improvements
To improve services
To improve connectivity
Road maintenance
To improve road surface conditions
Roadside litter
To beautify Lara

The City is now preparing  the ‘The 10-year Traffic Management Action Plan’, to provide responses to all 179 issues that were identified during these sessions. These items are listed and assessed for corrective action, which shows the time frames for corrective action (short, medium or long term) and also includes responsible authorities (Council, Regional Roads Victoria or Department of Transport).


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