Draft Fenced Dog Park Siting, Design and Management Guidelines

This engagement is closed

Contributions to this engagement have closed for evaluation and review.

Date: Tuesday, 13 November 2018 to Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The guidelines have been developed to include the feedback and responses to previous community engagement (during May/June) and will provide guidance to the City with the planning, design and management of fenced dog parks.


The key principles in the draft guidelines include;

  • Pets can enrich residents’ lives, provide physical and mental health benefits, companionship and help facilitate social interactions in the community. 

  • Fenced dog parks should be distributed across the municipality based on areas of need and established in strategically located areas.

  • Fenced dog parks have the capacity to service a cluster of suburbs. The majority of responders to the survey indicated that they are willing to drive 10-20 minutes to access this type of facility.

  • The site selection for fenced dog parks should be based on consistent assessment criteria. The site assessment criteria is detailed in section 4 of the draft guidelines and includes:

    • Preferred minimum size of fenced area 3000m2

    • Fenced dog parks to be located within larger parcels of open space. They are generally not appropriate in smaller local or neighbourhood parks

    • Fenced dog parks to be located in areas central to the existing and projected dog population and should service a cluster of suburbs

    • Fenced dog parks should be located in accessible and highly visible sites

  • The design of the fenced dog parks should respond to the site conditions, available budget, anticipated level of use and the needs of the community. Design principles and infrastructure needs for fenced dog parks are detailed in section 5 of the draft guidelines and include:

    • Provide a variety of features and ideally separate areas for large and small dogs

    • Core infrastructure: fencing, gates and variety of surfaces

    • Essential amenities: access to water, shade, seating, waste disposal and signage

    • Desirable and optional amenities: paths, plants, lighting and toilets

The ongoing operation and management of fenced dog parks is critical to their success. The draft guidelines provide principles to effectively manage and operate fenced dog parks within the municipality.