Dog Park Strategy

This engagement is complete

Date: Monday, 28 May 2018 to Sunday, 24 June 2018


The City is developing a strategy to guide the planning, design, and delivery of fenced dog parks within the municipality.

Fenced dog parks provide a place for dogs to be exercised off-leash; a place for the promotion of responsible dog ownership and etiquette; and they provide an outlet for dog owners to socialise.

The City currently has one fenced dog park, located at Stead Park in Corio.

Have your say on the planning of the City's dog parks. You can get involved by attending a drop-in session or by completing the short Dog Park Strategy survey.

For further information about the Dog Park Strategy, please read the Dog Park Strategy discussion paper attached. The paper provides background information about dogs and highlight the benefits and challenges of dog parks. This paper also acknowledges the community engagement feedback received during the development of the Domestic Animal Management Plan in 2017.

Key findings

The majority (84%) of responders supported the development of additional fenced dog parks within the municipality (9% do not support and 7% are unsure).  They would be willing to travel 10-20 minutes to use a fenced dog park and would most likely drive to it.  They believe the most important benefit of dog parks is to provide a safe opportunity for dogs to exercise and socialise and also that the new enclosed dog parks should be bigger than our existing facility at Stead Park.  The most important features to respondents were listed as secure fencing, drinking water for dogs, waste bins, dog bag dispensers, double gates and natural elements and shade.
617 surveys were completed.  613 (99.4%) surveys were completed on-line and 4 (0.6%) were completed in hardcopy at the drop in sessions.  There were 6 drop in sessions held for face to face contact. A total of 44 residents were engaged through these sessions. 
The online engagement was very successful with 32,269 people reached online.