Geelong West Public Toilet Upgrade - Community Consultation

This engagement is complete

Date: Friday, 28 August 2015 to Friday, 11 September 2015



In 2013, the City of Greater Geelong council adopted a Public Toilet Upgrade Strategy and Design Guidelines document in conjunction with a 5 Year Public Toilet Upgrade Schedule to better spend the recurring budget available for public toilet upgrades. The upgrade of the public toilet at the back of Geelong West Town Hall was identified as the number one priority for upgrade and as a result it was scheduled for the 2012/2013 financial year. An abundance of complaints about the standard of this public toilet from residents and businesses over the years also strongly supported this upgrade.

An initial design was developed that located the toilet in the car park on the Albert Street street-face. This was rejected during the public consultation phase due to residents being unhappy with it facing Albert Street and in view from their homes. Following this, a proposal was made to locate the toilets in the middle of the Albert Street car park but that was rejected by Council’s engineering team due to pedestrian safety issues with the busy car park, not to mention the loss of car parks that would result. Locating the toilets on the Weller Street street-face of the car park was also considered but dismissed based on the potential of having the same resident issues arise as those on Albert Street.

Another piece of nearby available Council land was on the brick paved area in front of the Hope Street car park. However, this site was too far from the Geelong West Library to service it appropriately. It was at this point that the idea of two separate public toilets was explored with one to be located in between the Geelong West Town Hall and Dan Murphy’s that would adequately service the Library and Albert Street car park users and the other on the street-face of the corner of Pakington Street and Hope Street to service all users of the Pakington Street strip. A public information night was held to discuss this proposal but the Hope Street location was rejected by residents and business owners due to its facade and it taking up valuable community meeting space.

Council have now developed alternative locations and designs for the replacement of the Geelong West Public Toilets, in response to the concerns lodged by residents and business owners over the past consultations.

Key findings

Following the public consultation for the design and location of the proposed new Geelong West toilets, the majority of votes were for option 1, to replace the existing toilet block behind Geelong West Town Hall in Albert Street with a similar size building housing more facilities than the existing. This will include 2 male and 2 female standard cubicles, 1 male and 1 female ambulant compliant cubicles as well as 2 unisex wheelchair accessible toilets with baby change facilities.

“This option which received 55 per cent of the votes clearly meets the needs of residents who want clean and accessible toilets in an area which won’t impact on the shopping strip or where people live,” said Councillor Michelle Heagney, Brownbill Ward Representative.

In total 162 votes were received:

55 per cent for Option 1 – new facility at existing location at Geelong West Town Hall in Albert Street.
12 per cent for Option 2 – new facilities at Albert Street car park and Hope Street car park.
10 percent for Option 3 – new facilities at Albert Street car park and Candover Street car park.
23 per cent for Option 4 – new facility at Albert Street car park and West Park Toilet Block upgrade.

Construction is due to start in March 2016 to avoid the busy Christmas period and Pako Festa. It is anticipated to take approximately 3 months to build the larger facility, and temporary toilets will be available during this time.