Community engagement - our plan

Community engagement - our plan documents how we will engage with the community to improve decision making and increase community confidence.

The community engagement - our plan and Community Engagement Policy recognise and reflect the importance of engaging with the clever and creative Greater Geelong community to improve decision making and increase community confidence. 

The plan outlines and formalises our engagement approach at the City of Greater Geelong.

Our Values

  • Respect and encourage each other.
  • Embrace new ideas and better ways to work.
  • Create a healthy and safe environment for all.
  • Make people the centre of our business.

Our resources

  • Community
  • Our employees
  • Specialist support
  • Public participation spectrum

What we will do


  • Work across all levels to drive community engagement
  • Develop partnerships with stakeholders
  • Improve external networks
  • Improve our engagement platforms

Practice and knowledge

  • Create an environment for good practice
  • Develop an engagement hub (tools, templates and information to support engagement process and planning)
  • Research, capture and support emerging practice
  • Create opportunities for deliberative engagement, such as citizens' juries

Workforce capability

  • Develop and invest in our people's community engagement skills
  • Improve communication (internal and external)
  • Provide specialist team support
  • Deliver core training (IAP2, Engage database)
  • Deliver tailored specialist training

Leadership and policy

  • Build community engagement capacity at all levels including employees, the Mayor and councillors and the community
  • Refresh our community engagement policy
  • Enable leaders to develop a culture of engagement champions
  • Promote community engagement in civic leadership development

Monitor and improve

  • Benchmark to guide good practice in community engagement
  • Embed quality improvement approaches
  • Report of key engagement indicators
  • Build processes for critical reflection and adaption

Our desired results

  • Improved decision making by our organisation and Council, that reflects the best interests of all sections of the community.
  • Improved community confidence in our Council and the decisions that are made.
  • Increased capacity and participation by all sections of the community in engagement activities.
  • Improved community knowledge about the role of our organisation and Council, and the democratic decision-making process.

Working together for a thriving community.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 31 March 2021