Victorian Local Government Women's Charter

We support specific principles for increasing women's participation in key decision making forums within the community, and in democratic governance.

These principles are:

  1. Gender Equity
    That women and men have an equal right to be representatives in local governments, committees and decision-making positions.
  2. Diversity
    The inclusion of different experiences and perspectives in local governments and community decision-making strengthens local democratic governance and helps build cohesive communities. Councils and communities encourage and welcome the participation of all women.
  3. Active Citizenship
    Local governments will work with the community to increase the numbers and participation of women in public life, so that decision-making more clearly represents and reflects the interests and demographies of communities.

Supporting Women's Participation in Victorian Local Governments

Local governments, in their capacity as the governments closest to communities, are in a unique position to contribute to the global goal of gender equity for women.

This Charter is consistent with state, national and international protocols which highlight equal rights and opportunities as central to good local governance including:

Page last updated: Wednesday, 1 July 2020