Women in Community Life Awards - past winners

We are proud of all our past winners as well as emerging winners.
Award  Recipients
First Nations  Kylie Clarke
Leadership in Times of Crisis Debbie Fraser
Leadership Women's Health Kiralee Hogema
Disability Rights Kaz McGlynn
Human Rights  Robyn Davis
Education  Tenaya Watts 
First Nations  Marsha Uppill 
Leadership Women's Health Sian Pritchard
Human Rights  Ellen Moon 
Overall winner  Ellen Moon 
Leading Equality in Sport  Emily Sutcliffe 
Living with a Disability  Simone Stevens 
First Nations  Mietta Scarlett
Leadership Women's Health Rebecca Picone 
Human Rights  Karen Anderson
Leading Equality in Sport  Courtney Hart 
Living with a Disability  Justine Martin 
Women in Community Life Award  Jacqui Pierce 
First Nations  Sharelle McGuirk
Human Rights  Janice Watt
Living with a Disability  Nicci Wall
Women in Community Life Award  Dianne Pont
First Nations  Corrina Eccles 
Human Rights  Laura Alice Bracken 
Living with a Disability  Deborah Haygarth
Women in Community Life Award  Jan Strauch 
Women in Community Life Award  Carolyn Pimentel
Nancy Donkers

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