Wetland Wanderings - Lake Victoria

Brochure 7 in the series covering information on Wetland Wanderings.

Welcome to Lake Victoria, an outstanding wetland area, that forms an important part of the larger Swan Bay system.


Lake Victoria is situated between Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove and is separated from Bass Strait by a narrow strip of coastal dunes.

Site description

Lake Victoria is a shallow sub-coastal lagoon forming part of the Swan Bay systems of wetlands on the Eastern Bellarine Peninsula, south-east of Geelong.

It is part of the Lonsdale Lakes Nature Reserve administered by Parks Victoria. Lake Victoria, although it varies in water level, provides a relatively stable environment for waterbirds, maintaining its high salinity even when full and never drying out in summer. Saltmarsh is the dominant vegetation around the lakeshore. It is a natural lake but has been modified by shell-grit mining.  Water enters the lake through urban run-off, rainfall and slow seepage.

Map of the Lake Victoria area showing points of interest
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Biodiversity values

Plant communities consist of salt tolerant species typical of coastal dune woodland and saltmarsh in the region.  Woodland and tall shrubland along the southern lakeshore mainly consist of Moonah woodland Melaleuca Lancadolata, a species that is listed as threatened in Victoria under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.

81 bird species have been recorded.  These include:

  • Waterfowl
  • Waders
  • Pelicans
  • Cormorants
  • Herons
  • Egrets
  • Ibis
  • Spoonbills
  • Crakes and
  • Rails.

There are breeding records for five species and it often supports thousands of birds.  The highest ever recorded as 10,062 birds in 2000.

The lake is of international significance for Red-Necked Stints, Banded Stilts and the globally endangered Orange-Bellied Parrot.

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This site is part of the Wetland Wanderings Ecotour. Each wetland site has its own brochure highlighting the features of the site in more detail. Some sites may be drive by only and some are close to a parking bay so you can stop, read the site information from the selected brochure and go for a wander around the wetland.

Happy Wetland Wandering.

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