Healthy schools and early learning

A health promoting early learning centre, primary school or high school supports the health and well-being of children, young people, staff and families.

Walk to School

Walk to School encourages primary school children to walk to and from school, to highlight the ways walking improves children’s health and wellbeing.

By getting involved in Walk to School, your school can help students learn healthy habits, and achieve the 60 minutes of physical activity recommended for children each day. Walking to school can also help reduce traffic congestion, parking difficulties and the associated environmental impacts. 

Achievement Program registration

Register your school or early learning centre to become part of the Healthy Together Achievement Program by choosing one of the following options:

Early Learning Services


Healthy students learn better

Creating a Healthy Primary School

Creating a Healthy Secondary School

Creating a Healthy Early Learning Service

Canteen and menu assessments

A healthy diet and good oral health support well-being and are integral to healthy development. Experienced nutritionists and dietitians at the Healthy Eating Advisory Service can assess and provide advice to improve your school or early childhood centre canteen menu.

Encouraging active travel through safe routes to school

Active travel routes with designated ‘pick up/drop off points’ are safe and accessible routes children and families can use to safely walk and ride along to get to and from school.

Healthy fundraising

Instead of selling boxes of chocolates or lollies to raise money, encourage health and wellbeing using these fun and easy products and activities.

Information, services and resources

Want to become a health promoting school or early learning service but don’t know where to start? Take a look at these handy resources and tips to help you get you started!

Safe Routes to School

Healthy Children - Healthy Environment

Improving Healthy Eating in Schools

Page last updated: Monday, 1 November 2021