Quit smoking

People quit smoking for many reasons, most commonly to improve their health and to save money.

The day you quit your body starts to recover and your risk of contracting smoking-related illnesses in the future starts decreasing.

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, Barwon Health have a number of specialist 'Be Smokefree' Clinics to give smokers the help they need. Clinics are located in Belmont, Corio, Newcomb and Torquay. Call 1300 715 673 or 03 4215 7701. You can also call Quitline on 137 848 or visit the Quit website.

Geelong is becoming a healthier environment.

The local university, health service provider, theme parks, playgrounds and junior sporting clubs have all changed to be smoke free to encourage people to quit smoking and stay quit.

The Geelong environment is changing to be smoke free

Outdoor smoking bans

Smoking is banned:

  • in all commercial outdoor dining areas.
  • in an outdoor drinking area if any part of that area is within 4 metres of an outdoor dining area, unless separated by a wall of at least 2.1 metres high.
  • within the grounds of, and at and within four metres of an entrance to, all Victorian childcare centres, kindergartens (or preschools) and primary and secondary schools.
  • at and within four metres of an entrance to children’s indoor play centres and Victoria public premises. Victoria public premises are all public hospitals and registered community health centres and certain Victorian Government buildings.
  • at public outdoor areas where children play. People are not allowed to smoke within ten metres (about two car lengths) of playgrounds, skate parks and sporting venues during under 18s events. There is also a ban on smoking at all public swimming pools.

For more information on the ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas, visit the smoke-free outdoor dining page.

Please respect everyone’s right to enjoy fresh air by not smoking at these areas. For more information on the statewide smoking bans where children play, visit the Tobacco reforms page on the Department of Health website.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 24 November 2021