Get Active

Whether you go by foot or by bike, in a local park with the kids or at the beach, getting out and active is a great way to stay healthy and connect with your community.

New physical activity guidelines

View the recommended physical activity levels for infants, children, teens, adults and older adults online now.

You will also be able to download or place an order for brochures, summary fact sheets, tips and ideas for how to be physically active, as well as evidence review reports.

Get active on the way to school or work

Whilst many of us know that physical activity is great for our overall health and wellbeing, the challenge is often finding the time to do it.

Active travel can really help as it increases your physical activity but, unlike joining a gym or taking up a new sport, does not require you to add another activity to your day.

Participate in one of these events and try walking or riding to your school or workplace: 

Encouraging active travel through safe routes to school

Active travel routes with designated ‘pick up/drop off points’ are safe and accessible routes children and families can use to safely walk and ride along to get to and from school.

Active travel maps

To 'actively travel' means that you use active means, such as walking, riding, scooting or skating to get to destinations you visit regularly, such as shops, parks, schools or workplaces. Active Travel can help reduce traffic and parking congestion and improve the health and well-being of the local community.

Active travel maps will help encourage more people to regularly choose active travel for local trips (between 0 and 5 kilometres). The maps fold down to a convenient pocket-size and include details about shared pathways, bike lanes, bus routes and railways stations and local destinations such as schools, shopping centres and libraries.

There are three maps in the series:

  1. North/Central Geelong and Lara
  2. South/Central Geelong and Leopold
  3. Bellarine Peninsula.

Active travel to events

Are you running an event?

Check out the new Active and Sustainable Travel Plan Checklist for events! It provides a number of suggestions that will help your event be active travel friendly. 

With more people walking, riding and catching public transport to and from your event there will be less traffic and parking congestion issues to manage.

Healthy at Home - Physical Activity

There are many reasons why you may be spending time at home – working or studying, experiencing illness or disability, caring for children or other family members, or being unemployed or retired.

When you’re spending a lot of time at home, it may not always be easy to always follow a good exercise routine, but being physically active is essential for your physical health, and your mental health and wellbeing. Aiming for a little more movement every day - whenever, wherever and how ever you can - is a great way to start!

Our Healthy at Home physical activity tools provide tips and resources to help optimise your physical activity when spending more time at home.

Come on Geelong, let's get healthy together!

Have a look at the videos below for how you can get healthy in Geelong.

Better Health

Be Active Everyday

Safe Routes to School

Bicycle Friendly Business Program

Find a place in Geelong to get active 

Tips and ideas for getting active

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