Water standpipe permits

Rural and residential properties within our municipality who do not have access to reticulated water through the Barwon Water Authority may apply for standpipe permits.

Please note: This service is not available for business or commercial use.

Standpipes out of order:

Nil - All operational

Standpipes provide access to water to properties that otherwise would have none.

Standpipe permits allow you access to the various standpipes located throughout our municipality - listed below.

The water you use from the standpipes is on a user-pays basis, as we purchase the water from Barwon Water.

Customers must comply with any Barwon Water Restrictions that apply.

Application process

A request for an application form can be made by speaking to a customer service officer who will forward the request to the City Services Administration Office with the details.

A City Services Administration Officer will contact you within 5 working days to discuss your request for application for the Water Stand Pipe permit.

Once confirmed you are eligible, the application can be mailed or emailed to you.

Your completed application form and permit fee can be lodged at any of our Customer Service Centres.

Once a completed application form is received along with the permit fee ($57 for financial year 2019-2020) we will process your application within five working days.

A payment processing fee of 0.46 percent applies to credit card payments.

Successful applicants

If your application is successful, you will be provided with an access key, ibutton, and information to allow you to access any of the 9 standpipes within the City of Greater Geelong.

Our standpipes

Standpipes have been updated to an automatic system. The system allows permit holders to pay onto their account monies in advance to allow them to access water from any standpipe at any time.

Standpipe locations

Location Melways reference
Anakie Ballan Road (north of Brownes Road)  
Ceres Barrabool Road 450 H10
Fyansford Hamilton Highway (on service road) 450 H2
Lara Plains Road (East of Flinders Avenue)  
Little River Shaws Road 200 C11
Lovely Banks Evans Road 431 A6
Mannerim Banks Road 485 B2
Point Lonsdale Queenscliff Road 485 J9
St Leonards Bluff Road 460 B12

Please contact us on 03 5272 5272 if the standpipe is not working correctly or you have any queries.

Account balance

After opening the standpipe box with the key provided, you can use your individual ibutton to access your private water account which will show the current balance of water available to you.

After taking water a new balance will be displayed.

Account top-ups

Whenever a top up is required, payment can either be made by phoning our Customer Service Team during working hours 9:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.

A payment processing fee of 0.46 percent applies to credit card payments.

Payments will be transferred the next working day. Non financial customers will not be able to access water.

Multiples of $10 can be paid and are converted on the standpipe screen to kilolitres or points.

For example: The fee per kilolitre is $2.26 so a $10 payment would equal 4,424 litres.

Permit renewals

You will receive an invoice in July for renewal of your water standpipe permit.

Please note: a new standpipe permit card will not be issued on receipt of payment. Permit holders are requested to retain the current permit card.

If you have lost /misplaced the permit card a new one can be issued to you.

Page last updated: Friday, 22 October 2021