3214: Karndoor-Kapa Track

The Wadawurrung meaning for Karndoor-Kapa Track is: ‘follow the Norlane Corio track’.

The Karndoor-kapa track provides 18 kilometres of walking and cycling paths.

The cycle loop surrounds of Norlane and Corio and is make up of 3 cycling trails:

  1. Ted Wilson Trail - 8 kilometres
  2. Bay Trail - 6.7 kilometres
  3. Cowies Creek Trail - 3.2 kilometres

Parts of the track are off road and are shared walking and cycling tracks. 

'Walking respectfully' along the Karndoor-Kapa track. We must always remember that this land is, was and will always be the Wadawurrung Peoples Traditional land.

Karndoor-Kapa Track map
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