Object to my property valuation

You will need to follow a statutory process to formally object to your property valuation.

Before objecting to your property valuation, it is a good idea to speak with our Property & Valuations staff. You can do this by completing an online form:

Query a property valuation  

or by contacting us by phone, email or in person.

After discussing your questions or concerns, you may then want to lodge an objection to your property valuation.

You will need to:

  • lodge an objection online:
    • register your details and then complete your objection application - please ensure you have your rate notice(s) on hand to complete this
    • complete all your personal details - if you are an Agent you will need to state your profession and the organisation you are employed with
    • in Property Identification you will need to select City of Greater Geelong from the drop down.
    • select the reason that you wish to object (there are a number of options provided)
    • add any comments and attachments you have to support your objection.
    • once you have selected submit your objection will be forwarded to the City for review and on-forwarding to the Valuers. 

You will receive a confirmation email that your objection has been submitted.

If you do not have internet access and require an objection form please contact our Customer Service Centre on 03 5272 5272.

Page last updated: Thursday, 26 August 2021