Lara West growth area

The Geelong region is growing. According to the G21 Regional Growth Plan there will be more people living, working and visiting the region over the next 40 years. 

Lara is well-placed to accommodate some of this growth. Together with Armstrong Creek to the south of urban Geelong and parts of the Bellarine, the township of Lara is designated for green field urban growth in the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme.

The Lara West growth area will be a fully planned community designed to accommodate approximately 11,000 people. These new residents will be supported by a range of services including retail and employment precincts, schools, Council community centres, sporting facilities, parklands and walking trails and essential infrastructure.

Vision for the Lara West growth area

Lara West will be developed into a sustainable community that will protect and enhance its natural features to create a distinct urban character. Lara West will become a highly sought-after location for living, working and recreation, forming an attractive addition to the Greater Geelong area.

Lara West will form a seamless extension to the existing Lara township and the current residential development to occurring on Manzeene Avenue. Lara West is a key growth node in the Greater Geelong municipality and will accommodate major population expansion for the next 20 plus years.

Amendment C246 – Lara West growth area was approved and was gazetted on 27 February 2014. 

Page last updated: Tuesday, 10 August 2021