Update your details

Moving house? changing mailing details? changing your name? business change? ensure your details are up to date.

Name change

Has your name changed recently? You will need to provide us with certain documentation before we can change your name on our records.

Business can also use this process if your business name has change.

Business/Residential/mailing address

Change your street or mailing address. Business changes must also attach a letter on company letterhead.

Property address change

If your property is on a corner it may have been allocated an alternative address to the adjoining roadway, you may be able to change this.

Pet registration details

Animal owner? If circumstances change you are able to change the details regarding your pet registration/s online.

Get your rates notice by email

Sign-up for rates online - it’s quick, painless and saves trees. Getting emailed rates is great for people going on holidays or people with multiple properties. You’ll need your rates notice handy to complete it online. 

Page last updated: Tuesday, 2 January 2018