Update a community directory listing in myGeelong

Follow the steps below if modifying an existing community directory listing.

If you wish to create a new community directory listing, you need to create a myGeelong account first.

Access a community directory listing

To access your community directory listing you will need to log in, then:

  1. Enter log in details and proceed.
    If you can't remember your password please click reset.
  2. Under community directory select your listing you wish to edit.
    If your community directory listing doesn't show up in myGeelong for you to edit it yourself, you'll need to contact the service/organisation via their contact information to gain access. They need to add you as an additional contact.

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About you

This information is about you and will not be published.

Enter all details required (this information will be used if we need to contact you).

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Listing details

This is what will be published on your directory page. Make sure it's accurate and don't not include details you wish to remain private.

You can enter as much detail as you would like.


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Location details

Street address: This is the location of your organisation/service. If you don’t have a location, you may like to include a meeting venue instead.

Postal address: This is the address you would like all correspondence sent to.

Meeting venue: If you have a regular meeting venue, include it here.

If all locations are the same, tick both checkboxes.


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Contact details

If your service/organisation has a contact person please provide details.

Here you can add a link to any social media platforms that you have (don't add the name of page you need to provide the URL).

Provide either a mobile number, phone number or email address.


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Additional contacts

Provide an additional person to be contacted with any public enquiries about your organisation or service.

Additional contacts may be private and not appear on Geelong Australia (they will still have access to edit online information).


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Additional information

If selecting 'yes' to waiting list, volunteer or public transport you will also need to include a description.

Provide any information that is relevant to your service/organisation.


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If you have any additional information to provide us with your application please include it in this section.

Once all information is entered and correct click 'next' (you are also able to click 'save' and modify at a later stage).

If you seek further assistance, please contact us.

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Page last updated: Wednesday, 7 February 2024