Request tree planting

We are responsible for planting trees in streets, parks and nature strips.

As a resident of our municipality, you can request a new tree planted at no cost:

  • in your nature strip

  • to replace a dead or vandalised tree   

You will need to tell us:

  • where you want the tree

  • if you live at the location

  • your name

  • your phone number (so we can discuss a tree species with you).

Request a tree planting  

After you request a tree

Once requested, our tree planting arborist will inspect the site and determine if there is sufficient space for a tree, and what species will work best in your area.  The arborist will call you to discuss the inspection and a suitable tree species for your street.

Trees are planted in between April and September. Requests outside these seasons will be held until the next planting season.

Looking after newly planted nature strip trees

Council is responsible for maintaining the tree and every effort is made to establish the tree within the first two years after planting so that it can survive on its own.

Any additional watering by residents (in accordance with current water restrictions) is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Tree selection

We select the largest appropriate tree species that suits the street appeal, local character, heights restrictions (if any), water requirements and soil conditions.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 7 November 2023