Tree removals

We are responsible for the removal of trees and fallen branches from streets, parks and nature strips throughout the municipality.

We regularly inspect trees to assess the requirement for any necessary pruning or removal work.

In general, we do not support the removal of healthy street or park trees. We will only remove trees if they are dead, dying or hazardous or where the tree is causing damage to adjacent structures and there are no other viable management solutions available. 

Street trees or park trees

If you believe that there is a street tree or park tree that should be removed, you can:

Request tree removal  

Our aborists assess all requests for tree removal individually and will contact you to discuss the matter further.

Tree removal by residents

We do not authorise the removal of any street trees or park trees by residents.

It is an offence for anyone other than fully qualified and trained Council staff to remove or to arrange the removal of any of trees in parks or streets.

If a tree is assessed as requiring removal, we will arrange this to happen and notify any relevant landholders.

Private property trees

Certain properties within our municipality have restrictions regarding the removal of private trees.

Certain properties or areas within our municipality have statutory planning scheme provisions regarding the removal of trees on private properties. 

In order to determine whether or not planning controls apply to your property you should:

After hours emergencies

If an emergency arises after hours concerning a street or park tree please contact our After Hours Emergency Service.

Urban Forest Strategy 2015-2025

Read our strategy on how we plan to enhance the public and private tree population in all of our suburbs and townships.

Page last updated: Thursday, 23 December 2021