Overhanging foliage - your responsibilities

Here is an explanation of your responsibilities regarding overhanging foliage.

As a property owner or resident of the City of Greater Geelong, it is your responsibility to ensure that foliage does not extend over the footpath, roadway, laneway nature strip or City reserve.

Foliage obstructions

Any foliage that is not confined to your property's perimeter and has the potential to inhibit public access is considered an obstruction.

Foliage obstructions can affect footpaths, pathways, roads and laneways, but more importantly, overhanging foliage presents a hazard to the public.

Pedestrian access

All pedestrians using public footpaths are at risk of receiving injuries from overhanging foliage when walking along pathways.

To allow unobstructed access to footpaths and pathways:

  • vertically - foliage is to be cleared to provide at least 2.4 metres clearance over footpaths/pathways/nature strips

  • horizontally - no foliage is to extend more than 10 centimetres beyond your fence line

Vehicle access

All vehicles including cars, buses, trucks and our maintenance vehicles require clear access to roadways, laneways and reserves.

To allow unobstructed access to roads and laneways:

  • vertically - Foliage to be cleared to provide at least 3.6 metres clearance over laneways

  • in some instances private trees may infringe on vehicles using roads; if this is the case we will contact the property owner to achieve the desired outcome

  • horizontally - no foliage should extend more than 10 centimetres beyond your fence line

Private tree disputes

Council will not become involved with overhanging foliage issues between neighbours.

Need to know more...

Should you require any further advice regarding overhanging foliage, please contact our Tree Management Unit on 03 5272 5272.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 6 November 2019