Tree planting

We are responsible for all tree planting in streets, parks and naturestrips.

Trees are an important part of our streetscape.

Tree planting program

We plant trees during the colder months of the year in our urban areas.

Selection of trees

We strive to create aesthetic streetscapes that beautify the community.  Where practicable we will maintain or build upon existing avenues of trees.

Where a new type of tree is required our species selection criteria will be used.

The selection criteria takes into account the nature strip width, growing space available, drought tolerance, character of the area, underground services etc.

The majority of trees planted are approximately 1.5 metres tall at the time of planting.   The size that the tree will grow is entirely dependent upon the species planted.  

Typically trees planted in nature strips never reach their full potential due to it being a confined area often filled with a range of soil types and due to the reduced capacity to catch water run-off. 

Number of trees

We will consider requests for multiple trees on a nature strip.  This will depend on the size of your block, the location and the species to be planted.

Planting your own trees

Council does not authorise you to plant your own trees in nature strips.

If you wish you can request a tree planting.

Tree maintenance

It is our responsibility to maintain the tree and every effort is made to establish the tree within the first two years after planting so that it can survive on its own.

Any additional watering that you provide in accordance with current water restrictions is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Watering trees

When available we use recycled water for watering newly planted street and park trees through the hotter months of the year until they are established and can survive without assistance.

Dead, stolen or vandalised trees

If your tree dies, goes missing or is vandalised please contact us.  Our Tree Management Unit will make every effort to replace your tree as soon as is practical and you will be advised in relation to when this will occur.

Page last updated: Monday, 22 November 2021