We manage an increasing number of road bridges (including Walchs Road Bridge which is privately owned), major culverts and pedestrian bridges within our boundaries.

The number of structures we are responsible for is increasing as new subdivisions are built.

We have released Design Note 9 to guide the construction of bridges which have longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

We also manage a number of boardwalks, public staircases and viewing platforms.

Bridges are traditionally some of the oldest infrastructure that we manage. 

Older bridges such as Grants Bridge on You Yangs Road (built 1866) also provide a strong degree of historic and civic amenity to our municipality.

There are also bridges on main roads and National highways that are managed by VicRoads

Our management activity consists of the following:

  1. twice yearly minor maintenance inspection
  2. three yearly structural condition inspection program
  3. major and minor maintenance activities that may result from points one and two above
  4. full structural load / condition assessments as needed.

Due to the operational requirements of our bridge infrastructure and in the interest of public safety, we may from time to time be required to close a structure whilst appropriate designs and repairs are implemented.

Should you wish to report an issue with a bridge please contact our Customer Service Team.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 30 October 2019