Road network management

We are responsible for an extensive road network and we continue to investigate and review traffic movement matters.

Our role is to continually improve all road user safety. Engineering treatments such as islands, humps, pedestrian crossings, signals and speed limits are introduced when and where necessary.

We will action requests regarding road safety, speed limits, signage and general traffic safety will be assessed to appropriate guidelines and standards.

The road network includes:

Speeding issues

Unless signed otherwise, the default (maximum) speed limit in residential areas is 50km/h, and 100 kmh/h in rural areas. Speed limits are the maximum speed limit for the road, however speeds much lower than the limit may be appropriate.

It is the drivers responsibility to choose a safe speed for the driving conditions. Unfortunately some drivers tend to not drive appropriately and place themselves and others at risk of injury/property damage.

If you observe inappropriate behaviour, please report your issues to Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. If there is a consistent problem in your street, your can report a traffic issue.

Hoon activity

You can ‘dob in a hoon’ by phoning the Crime Stoppers Hoon Hotline on 1800 333 000. Information collected through the hotline enables Victoria Police to gather intelligence to target repeat hoon offenders or focus on particular areas.

Traffic volume

The volume of traffic will vary depending on the function of the road. Occasionally some roads carry traffic volumes much higher than designed, or previously experienced. If you believe there is an unreasonable amount of traffic in your street, your can report a traffic issue.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 30 December 2020