This Girl Can - Online Workouts

As part of our This Girl Can celebrations, the City shared a series of online workouts from our Swim Sport & Leisure instructors.

Join in with the beginner classes below.

Work out safely from home!

It's important to ensure your health and safety when you work out from home.

All exercise classes involve risks to health and safety, especially streaming video classes where an instructor cannot supervise your activity. Please ensure that your exercise space is safe and that you perform the exercises safely.

By streaming video classes, we are unable to supervise your participation and activity, or assess the suitability of these classes for you. Please ensure you undertake any exercise at your own pace and within your personal limitations, and also ensure that your exercise space is safe.

If you undertake a video exercise class, you do so at your own risk and hold yourself responsible for any loss or damage you might suffer from your participation in the video class.

By watching the pre-recorded exercise class, you agree to the above terms.

Gentle Stretch and Mobility

This class is designed to create more flexibility, stability and get your whole body moving.

You will need:

  • Dining chair
  • Foam roller or a towel
  • Foam block or a cushion
  • Music (optional)

Low Impact

This class is designed to get you up and active but eliminates jumping and jarring movements.

You will need:

  • Two hand weights or two cans/full drinks bottles
  • Music (optional)


This class will help build strength and power in your core – or tummy, back and pelvis – for better balance and stability.

You will need:

  • A mat or towel
  • Music (optional)

Gentle Yoga Flow

This class is designed for whole mind and body fitness while relieving stress and tension.

You will need:

  • A mat or towel
  • A foam block or cushion

Page last updated: Tuesday, 26 July 2022