Sustainability Framework and Action Plan

Our Sustainability Framework 2020 is designed to create a culture of sustainable practice in our organisation that will help us address significant future challenges, such as climate change.

The supporting action plan describes the actions we will implement until 2022 to help us achieve this overarching goal.  

Sustainability Framework 2020

To us, sustainability refers to a continual way of thinking that focuses on the best outcomes for people, environment and the economy both now and in the future.

Sustainability Policy
The sustainability policy will embed sustainability within the City, so it is considered in everything we do.
Key priority area Objectives 
Protecting the environment
  • Acknowledge the changing climate is a global emergency and take appropriate local action
  • Support the Community and the City to reduce carbon emissions and promote active transport
  • Support the Community and the City to reduce waste
  • Protect our biodiversity and ecosystems through effective natural resource management
  • Create cleaner, greener community spaces
  • Ensure our land use planning and built environment reflects sustainable practice
Community wellbeing and social equity
  • Lead and support education for business and community to encourage sustainable practice
  • Encourage and support local, sustainable food production
  • Ensure equitable access and inclusion to City services and facilities
  • Work with others to achieve better health outcomes for our community
  • Harness community knowledge to drive sustainable change
Responsible and transparent business
  • Position the organisation to better achieve our sustainability objectives
  • Embed sustainability into our decision-making and look for innovative solutions
  • Understand and be guided by the needs and expectations of our community
  • Pursue ambitious sustainability targets and report our progress publicly

The City will report annually against the Global Reporting Initiative Standards and align its activities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability Framework Action Plan 2020–2022

The 66 actions we've committed to achieving in this plan are divided according to the Sustainability Framework's key priority areas, as follows:

  • Protecting the environment – 24 actions
  • Community wellbeing and social equity – 22 actions
  • Responsible and transparent business – 20 actions

For more information about what we're planning to do, download the action plan below.

Page last updated: Monday, 2 May 2022