Integrated water management

We seek to manage all elements of the water cycle in a holistic, interconnected way.

The interaction between water and  the urban landscape is called the urban water cycle. It considers everything from the water we drink, to the flow of water in rivers and wetlands throughout our cities, to how we drain and harvest stormwater from our neighbourhoods.

Integrated Water Management (IWM) is an approach that seeks to manage all elements of the water cycle in a more holistic, interconnected way. The central premise of IWM is a greater understanding of the interconnections between these elements in order to identify opportunities to deliver multiple benefits, for the community, environment and the economy. 

Our work on integrated water management

Some of our work on Integrated Water Management includes:

  • Water conservation and management: We are responsible for managing the water used in providing and maintaining public assets like golf courses, sporting grounds, public open spaces, gardens and trees.
  • Stormwater and drainage: We are responsible for the maintenance more than 1589 kilometres of City-owned stormwater drainage.
  • Stormwater Services Strategy 2020-2030: A 10-year strategy to reduce flooding, reduce stormwater pollution and increase the use of alternative water sources.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 17 January 2024