Building a circular economy for Geelong

A circular economy is a model that aims to design waste out of the system. 

It retains the value of the materials we produce as waste through greater reuse, recovery and recycling and, in turn, dramatically reduces our use of natural resources and the volumes of waste produced. 

Our residents are projected to generate 58,700 tonnes of household waste per annum by 2026. Without a sustainable waste and resource recovery system, the waste generated by our community will rapidly accumulate, affecting the health of our natural environment and causing risks to public health and wellbeing. 

Contributing to a circular economy by reducing waste is an important focus of our Environmental Strategy 2020-2030. Some of our work towards this goal includes:

  • encouraging our community to reduce, reuse and recycle, through our recycling resources and community grants
  • a Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy which focuses on circular economy principles and guides the work of our Environment, Waste and Sustainability teams
  • supporting Geelong-based innovation through our Cleantech Innovations initiative.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 5 December 2023