Climate change action

In 2020, we adopted a Sustainability Framework that acknowledges climate change as a global emergency and commits us to taking appropriate action. 

While much of what shapes climate change in the region is determined by global and national forces, there are still many things we can influence and control.

Our climate change response falls into two categories:

Mitigation measures

These are actions we can take to address human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, as the underlying cause of climate change.

For example:

Adaptation measures

These are the actions we can take to prepare for actual or expected changes in the climate to minimise harm, act on opportunities or cope with the consequences.

For example: 

Following is a shortlist of some of the strategies and programs we are currently implementing as part of our climate change response.  

Climate change strategies and programs

  • Environment Strategy and Action Plan: While the first goal of this strategy is 'Become a zero-emission, climate-ready city and region', it also aims to tackle related issues, such as maintaining green spaces, protecting and enhancing our biodiversity and improving integrated water management through planning and design.
  • Our Coast Program: A partnership between the Victorian Government, councils and coastal management organisations to help our region better respond to climate change.
  • Urban Forest Strategy: Sets targets for how we look after and grow our population of trees in Geelong's public spaces and neighbourhoods. 
  • Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy: We're on track to reach our ambitious target of becoming a Zero Carbon Council.
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) in planning: As part of the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme, all planning permit applications must consider environmentally sustainable design.
  • Future Proofing Geelong: A partnership approach to encouraging industry, business and community to collaborate around sustainability.

Page last updated: Friday, 12 March 2021