Significant Tree Assessment - Warrenbeen Court Barwon Heads

Ecology and Heritage Partners have prepared a significant tree assessment within private land at Warrenbeen Court and a portion of Saratoga Avenue, Barwon Heads.

Ecology and Heritage Partners have also prepared a significant tree assessment for rural areas west of the Barwon Heads Settlement Boundary.

The assessment identifies Moonah vegetation of State significance, that is also listed as threatened under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. The study recommends that appropriate planning controls be put in place to protect the significance of Moonah and its vegetation community within both areas. It also recommends that public education is undertaken with landowners to encourage better awareness and management. 

The assessment was a requirement of the Barwon Heads Structure Plan 2010. Conclusions of the report have been used to inform the Barwon Heads Structure Plan Update.

Page last updated: Monday, 26 February 2018