Portarlington Urban Design Framework

The Portarlington Urban Design Framework creates a planning and urban design framework to facilitate the development of the existing Portarlington Town centre by providing directions for:

  • efficient utilisation of existing business zoned land and maximising site development opportunities particularly at identified key development sites
  • building forms and streetscape design including streetscape treatments within the public domain including pavement and street planting)
  • the development of a public square and improved access to the waterfront
  • formalisation of on street car parking surrounding the town centre
  • identification of possible pedestrian links from the existing public car park located at 43-45 Fenwick Street through to Newcombe Street
  • the creation of a public lane network connecting Harding Street, Brown and Fenwick Street with a central formalised public car park
  • opportunities for better utilisation of the rear of properties fronting Newcombe Street.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 20 October 2021