Rural Land Use Strategy

The Rural Land Use Strategy was prepared by Parsons Brinckerhoff on behalf of the City of Greater Geelong. The Strategy was adopted on 8 May 2007.  

The Strategy recognises state and local planning policies and sets out the key directions for rural land use management that are implemented through the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme. It includes planning policies for racing dog keeping and training, dwellings and subdivisions and tourism development in rural areas.

In 2013 the State Government reformed the Victorian rural zones under Amendment VC103. The reforms relaxed some land uses that were previously prohibited in the Farming and Rural Conservation zones and can now be considered by Council under a permit application.

To address the resulting gap in the planning policies of the planning scheme a policy review was undertaken to identify the amendments and additional policy needed. It recommends that the following changes be made to the Local Planning Policy of the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme:  

  1. amend Clause 22.06: Tourism, Accommodation and Function Centre Development in Rural Areas and
  2. add a new Clause 22.64: Discretionary Uses in Rural Areas.

The changes have been adopted by Council and have been subject to Planning Scheme Amendment C347. Council is now awaiting approval of the amendment by the Minister of Planning.

The key directions of the Rural Land Use Strategy have not been changed.

Page last updated: Monday, 4 October 2021