Highton Village Urban Design Framework

We have prepared an Interim Final Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the Highton Village

To help prepare the plan we have formed a Design Team who are experts in urban design, landscape architecture, town planning and traffic engineering.

Why does Highton Village need a UDF?

The Village is thriving; the great businesses, the lovely garden character and unique shopping and dining experiences attract customers from far and wide. With this success brings challenges and opportunities for improvements.

It has been many years since the streetscapes in Highton Village were upgraded and many of the assets are looking tried. Parking and access can be difficult at times. The design of the infrastructure gives preference to cars over walkers and cyclists and this can be unsafe.

The UDF will include:

  • a community vision for the future Highton Village
  • an overall urban framework plan to guide future investment and developments
  • concept design of future streetscape upgrade works
  • access and movement plan for vehicles, walkers and cyclists
  • staged and costed implementation plan
  • design guidelines for new developments within and around the centre to enhance the village character.

Study area

The study area for the project is the shopping area of Belle Vue Avenue and the surrounding residential area identified for increased housing.

Issues paper

The Issues and Opportunities Paper outlines some of the key information about the centre and where our Design Team see opportunities for improvements.

Community consultation and engagement

During the development of the plan we have listened to community members and traders through a series of design workshops including;

  • Community and trader design workshop in November 2016
  • Targeted trader workshops in November 2018
  • Further targeted trader workshops in May 2021
  • We are now inviting submissions on the Interim Final UDF, closing 20 August 2021

Need to know more...

For further information on the project contact the Project Manager - Leila Griffiths on 03 5272 4759 or [email protected].

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