Apply for storm water legal point of discharge report

A Legal Point of Discharge report will provide you with information on where your property is to legally discharge into Council's drainage system.  

A Legal Point of Discharge (LPoD) report is available on application.  A standard report will include:

  • legal points of discharge (LPOD)
  • drainage assessments
  • stormwater easements
  • our stormwater infrastructure.

If you need additional information you may request a non-standard report. This will include the following information (subject to availability):

  • placement of buildings
  • satisfying the requirements of a Building Permit
  • size, depth and offset of any stormwater drainage pipes within the easement
  • details of any fill on the allotment
  • how to obtain permission to connect to our drainage infrastructure.

Lodge an application online


  • You must be signed in in order to complete your lodgment. Register for a username. 
  • Registration can take 1-2 business days to occur. You will receive the error message "Username not valid" if you try to login before your registration is complete. 
  • Please use the 'Application' drop down menu and select 'New application' to view permits available to lodge online.  
  • Find out more about the steps to apply online

A correct and complete LPoD application can take up to 10 working days to process. All incomplete applications are returned and will delay your application.

A Legal Point of Discharge report will provide you with information on where your property can discharge stormwater into our drainage system.

If you need information on your internal drainage system please contact a licensed plumber.

Permit requirements

You must obtain a Works Within a Road Reserve or Consent permit prior to undertaking works that affect our road infrastructure.

This is to ensure that our road reserves are protected and reinstated to their original state.  This required under the Road Management Act 2004.

You can find more information on which permit you may need on our works within roads reserves approvals page.

Page last updated: Monday, 16 October 2023