Lara Flood Study 2020

Land liable to flooding
You may have received a letter regarding land liable to flood in the Lara catchment. For more information, view the Lara catchment flood extent map.

This Summary Report is one of a series documenting the outcomes of the Lara Flood Study. The Study provides a detailed analysis of the catchments surrounding the township of Lara and the broader Hovells Creek/ Lara catchment and part of the Avalon catchment management units.

The reporting was broken up into a series of deliverables which are summarised in this report and includes a brief overview of each of the previous reports submitted and the recommendations developed throughout the study.  Other supporting documentation includes:

  • Preliminary Report (Water Technology 2018)
  • Hydrology/Hydraulic Calibration Report (Water Technology 2019)
  • Design Hydrology and Detailed Hydraulic Modelling Report (2020a)
  • Assess and Treat Risk Report (Water Technology 2020b)
  • Flood Warning and Intelligence Report (2020c)
  • Additional Structural Mitigation Option Analysis.


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