Property Information Request (LPOD)

A Point of Discharge Report Form (LPOD) will provide you with information on where your property is to legally discharge into Council's drainage system.

You can be provided with information about:

  • Legal points of discharge (LPOD)
  • Allotment boundaries
  • Drainage assessments
  • Stormwater easements
  • Our stormwater infrastructure

Additional information is also available to assist you with:

  • Placement of buildings
  • Satisfying the requirements of a Building Permit
  • Size, depth and offset of any stormwater drainage pipes within the easement
  • Details of any fill on the allotment
  • How to obtain permission to connect to our drainage infrastructure

Applying for a Point of Discharge Report (LPOD) does not provide drainage information relating to 'where has the internal drainage system been constructed on the property?' as this is the property owners' asset. The Legal Point Of Discharge specified or designated is an indication of where the property's drainage is to be connected.

A correct LPOD application can take up to 5-10 working days from submission.  All incorrect applications are returned.

For information relating to where the internal drainage system has been constructed on the property, you are advised to contact a licensed plumber or refer to 'Underground Service Locators' in the Yellow Pages.

For information relating to Planning matters or Building information such as termites, land liable to flooding etc please refer to:

Page last updated: Thursday, 21 February 2019