Rainwater tanks

Water tanks are a popular way to help our water conservation efforts.

Water tanks can be installed at your property at any time.  Some of the many ways roof water could be reused on residential properties include:

  • watering the garden

  • washing the car

  • in the laundry, bathroom or toilet

  • additional fire protection. 

Building permits and regulations

A building permit is not required to install a water tank in a residential area but the overflow outlet must be connected to the property's stormwater system. 

Water tanks do need to be:

  • placed at least 1/2 metre (500 millimetres) from the boundary fencing

  • no higher than 3 metres high.  

Incentives and rebates

Rebates on the installation of rain water tanks may be available through the Victorian Government.

Health matters

Water collected on private property is considered a private water supply and is the responsibility of the property owner. Any water to be used for drinking is required to meet health standards and care should be taken to avoid contamination.

For further guidance on the use of rainwater tanks, see the Commonwealth Government's Department of Health publication: Guidance on use of rainwater tanks.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 14 November 2023